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Relevant Communications that Create
Measurable Customer Interactions.

Today, it’s imperative to communicate with people in a relevant way.  People are different.  Technology is different.  So how can the traditional marketing mix and standard communication channels be effective?  Consumers receive more than 3,000 advertising messages each day.  How will your message get through?  And will it be measurable?

Guevavi develops actionable communication strategy that engages your customers to create measurable interactions with your brand.  Marketing today is about creating a conversation with your customers, not pushing multiple generic messages in every available channel – especially those with commissions. 

We design and execute meaningful communication experiences with your customers for acquisition, retention and loyalty campaigns. Our process starts with data to build a relevant strategy and continues with culturally relevant communications that integrate personalized marketing messages.  Our customized solutions deliver 1-to-1 messages that are measurable and significantly increase your marketing ROI.